Thursday, January 31, 2008

Extreme Funny Magic Show

Dam Dadi Do

Lip Sync to Dam Dadi Do by Nightcore.

Top 15 Observance of Safety At Work Pictures

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daim Sprays Virtual Graffiti

"Walls, trains or house fronts - graffiti need to be sprayed on solid, "real" backgrounds. Doesn't it? An answer to this is provided by the "Tagged in Motion" project, which builds a bridge between real graffiti art and its virtual depiction. The centre of attention is the graffiti artist DAIM, who co-created the nextwall. Equipped with the appropriate technology, DAIM sprays graffiti into empty space. In a large hall, three cameras using Motion Capturing record DAIM's position and the movements he executes with a virtual spray can. The assimilated data is shown to him in real time in a pair of video glasses - as free-floating 3D graffiti in space. In this way he can decide how and where to apply his strokes, and via a Bluetooth controller can also determine the colours, strength of brushstrokes and textures of his work."

Although this is just in its infancy, further development of this should see some seriously innovative ways of getting-up virtually.

Stolen from Wooster Collective.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Freak Show at the Cheese Factory Squat

Last Thursday, I went down to the famous Cheese Factory in Hackney, to witness their Freak Show event with my mrs. Luckily for us, we met the heavily-tattooed Roc, the main attraction of the night, in Barcelona last year so we were given front row seats. The Cheese Factory is a collection of squatted flats which have had extensions built onto them to create a subterranenan maze of shacks and rooms that join onto a small factory space. It's this space which is used to hold events like fashion shows and art exhibitions in a typically "bohemian" style. The venue even had a permanent bar, a coffee shop feel and a stage area. It was such good fun to have a good drink and smoke and watch some seriously weird acts. It's times like this where I do really love living in London...

Myriam the Bearded Lady took care of being the Master of Ceremony

Roc and his lovely volunteer prepare to swallow some fire

Roc prepares to lift two full paint cans which weighed approx. 15 pounds each!

This is him in full swing mode...stretching the lobed region of his ears to the max! (and yes, he has full-sized chilli peppers tattooed for side-burns.)

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