Saturday, June 28, 2008


Posterchild's new project using the "Stained Glass". He placed a variation of the Stained Glass over HD screens installed over subway entrances in New York. It basically difusses the light of the screen and turns the video ads in an animated stained glass piece.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Guys Fill their Jeans with Helium

Guys fill their jeans with helium.

Is this a Hot Brazilian Girl or Sand Sculpture?

"I was walkin' at the Farol da Barra Beach (Bahia Brazil) last august '04 when i saw this sculpture in the sand.. It was really unbelieveble.. The guy that made this is a real Artist. Is this a sand sculpture or a real woman?

(Image: Credit)

More Brazilian Sand Sculptures

Slam Dunk Competition 2008

It's that time of year again. The Slam Dunk competition is getting crazier! More inventive tricks and even the use of accessories!

Thanks to Jeff Metal for this post.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cat Fight

2 cats fighting with a Boxing track added to add to the fun.

World’s Most Expensive Home Entertainment System

Jeremy Kipnis, a music engineer, producer, classical music lover, has paid a whooping US $6 million for this amazing collection. And you have seen nothing yet. Wait until you find out what gadgets make this home theater so top notch.

Picture Elements:
Sony SRX-S110 Professional Video Projector (4,096-by-2,160)
Stewart 18-by-10-foot Snowmatte 1.0 Gain Laboratory-Grade Motion Picture Screen
Players and Sources:
Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Player
Sony PlayStation 3 Gaming Console
Toshiba HD-XA1 HD DVD Player
JVC HMDH-5U D-VHS Recorder
SATA Drive (72 HDTV Hours Total)
Mark Levinson Reference N°33 and N°33H.
Pioneer HLD-X0 Hi-Vision HDTV MUSE Laserdisc Player
Surround Processing and Decoding:
Theta Digital Generation VIII 32-bit 8x Oversampling Dual Processors (13)
Mark Levinson N° 33h Amplifiers (2)
McIntosh MC-2102 Amplifiers (30)
Crown Macro Reference Gold Amplifiers (3)
Snell 1800 THX Music & Cinema Reference Subwoofers (16)
Snell THX Music & Cinema Reference Towers (8)
MuRata ES103A Super Tweeters (10)
Snell THX Music & Cinema Reference LCR-2800 Center-Channel Speakers (3)

Not So Common Pets

Music You Should All Be Listening To

Flying Lotus - a new sound coming outta Los Angeles. Electronica-Dub-Laptop based music. Smooth as anything.

The motherfucking Gas Lamp Killer, also from L.A. creates psychedelic-soul-dub hop with a hint of craziness. Just released on the newly formed Obey Records.

J Dilla (Jay Dee) R.I.P. This hip-hop producer was so fucking talented and to have him taken away from us at the tender age of 32 is really sad and a huge loss to the hip-hop community. An amazing artist, whose collaborations with the likes of Madlib (They created Jaylib) will forever be one of my ultimate fave albums.

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