Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Experimental Flatland BMX Video

2 years ago, David Hallett approached James from asking if he would be interested in filming a few things down at south bank, 2 years later, David finishes "Flat"...a very unique perspective of flatland has alot of potential to go further in the future.

Pictures On Walls New Outlet Shop Open

Pictures on Walls have just opened their new outlet store in East London!
You can now walk off the street and check out new releases in person, purchase special customised prints that aren’t available anywhere else and gaze upon original art and sculptures by some top name talent. We thought of describing it as London’s most exciting new gallery, but in reality it’s a print factory with paintings on the walls, a few sofas and a drinks dispenser (not yet installed).

These new releases are something a bit different - they're digital offset (meaning printed entirely by machine) and then hand screen printed with spot varnishes for added emphasis and real texture. Each is signed by the artist, limited in edition and the results are really rather good. Gee Vaucher seems to have something to say about the true nature of beauty and body image, whilst China Mike really likes dogs.

A small number of the above prints and all future releases will be held back for sale exclusively from the factory store.

Open from 11 - 5pm Monday to Friday, 11 - 4 Sunday.
Ground Floor
46/48 Commercial Street
E1 6LT

Human Tetris on Skateboards

This ad for Freebord skateboards has skateboarders flying down the streets of San Francisco in the dark to connect glowing Tetris shapes.

Invisible Dogs

On Sunday the Improv Everywhere gang took 2,000 invisible dogs for a walk in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn. If you were anywhere within a one mile radius of the Bergen St. stop in Cobble Hill on sunday, you would have seen all types of folks very seriously walking their very silly dogs.

A Brooklyn factory that actually manufactured the novelty gifts in the 1970s was the meeting point for the prank and leashes were provided to the people who were participating.

Hof - An Icelandic Eco-House

Hof is situated in the Skakafjördur fjord, less than 100km from the Arctic Circle.
Due to the grass on the roof and the massive concrete walls the house is insulated and thermally stable. Geothermal water is used for the floor heating and radiators as well as for all domestic use. Electricity is made from hydroelectric and geothermal sources. Not only is this house eco-friendly and efficient, its so nice as well!


Dizzee Rascal VS Ghostbusters Mash-Up

A fantastic mash-up! Instant foot-tapping and head nodding!

Ferrari F1 Car Made From Clothes

This cool life-size Ferrari Formula 1 car was build by PUMA retail team out of nothing more than Ferrari branded clothing, caps, shoes and bags.

Funny Demotivational Posters

A motivational poster is a type of poster commonly designed for use in schools and offices. Motivational posters generally use a three-part template consisting of

  • A photograph in a wide black border
  • A title in large text
  • A description in smaller text beneath the title

This kind of poster has been repeatedly parodied, and parodical "demotivational posters" have become an Internet meme.

Here’s a big collection of demotivational posters.

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