Monday, January 31, 2011

Open a Locked Suitecase

Demonstrating how easy it is to break into and reseal a locked suitcase using a pen. Unfortunately, suitcases are insecure and generic locks are not able to protect you. Tampering and resealing can happen in seconds! Ensure this does not happen to you.

Hockey’s Most Badass Goalie Masks

The mask goalies wear in hockey have come a long way. Hard to believe there was a time when they’d raw dog it in the net. Those dudes had serious balls taking rock hard pucks to the dome. While the masks of yesteryear were primitive, they were also pretty scary. Even Jason Voorhees is like, “Take if off, dude. You’re buggin’ me out.” So, with the NHL All-Star Weekend approaching, we decided to take a look at the most kick-ass, bad-ass masks in the sport. Try not to wet yourself. See the pics after the jump!

Hugh Jackman and His French Bulldog, Peaches

When your dog costs over $2,000 it's no wonder you don't want to let him out of your sight for one minute.

Hugh Jackman was taking no chances with his precious pooch this morning though in New York, cradling him in his arms gently and only letting him down into a walled flower bed briefly.

Here's a collection of pictures of Hugh Jackman's adorable 6-month-old puppy named Peaches.

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