Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good Times Big Squat

Sorry for the lack of posts by me in the last couple days. I have been painting with a bunch of mates at a huge squat in London Fields in preparation of a big Dubstep/Jungle Rave this evening...I will be posting better pics of the whole squat in the next week.

Heavy Bass Karnival with the Senseless Records family and special guests. Two rooms of music all night in a secret London warehouse location. Heavy systems guaranteed and the only rave we know in London featuring a skate park in room two.

Part of a week of events, raves, talks and more, check Technicolour bass music from:
No Names (Foreign Beggars)
Jerome Hill
Ghosttown ft Special Guest MCs
DeVille (Senseless)
Sarantis ft MC Dialect (Black Acre/Senseless)
Daddy Nature (Urban Nerds)
Sasquatch (Senseless)

£5's going to be sick...the location is incredible! CALL: 07507162708 & 07563808687 on tonight for address, cos I'm not allowed to tell you...

Train Bombing Animation

A great little animation video By: Bodie Jahn-Mulliner, Rasmus Hansen, Sylvester Rishøj Jensen, Rasmus Ustrup

The amazing Russian Matryoshka dolls

31 renowned fashion designers around a single task: recreate the legendary Matryoshka dolls for the tenth anniversary celebration of the Russian Vogue. After an invitation from the magazine's editor in chief, Aliona Doletskaya - who, some say, is one of the few executives in the magazine who can be considered a human being - important names like Prada, Moschino, Saint Laurent, Armani, Dolce&Gabana, Oscar de La Renta, among others, explored a cutting-edge approach to the task, producing small, contemporary works of art, filled with a cultural connection between Russia's past and present.

Each brand produced a sketch, which were then handed over to some of the best craftsmen in the country and produced in wood, measuring 50 cm in height and 60 cm in diameter. The dolls were then hand-painted according to the drawings.

It was its quick popularity and wide spread that made the Matryoshka dolls one of Russia's most prevailing symbols. The first dolls are credited to Sergei Maliutin, dating back to 1890. Inspired by the Japanese wood dolls, he drew a project of one that would have typical clothes and appearance. They were eight small peasants that followed a concept already well known in the country, of hollow objects which contain similar ones inside in progressively smaller sizes (take the Fabergè eggs, for instance).

Those small objects travelled through an entire century, adapting themselves to historic demands - such as matryoshkas portraying leaders like Krushchev and Lenin, educational, decorative or commemorative demands, such as Russian Vogue's; this shows their the infinite ability to adapt themselves and the many interpretations they can have, remaining, at the same time, unchanged and never out of date. About the collection, Aliona Doletskaya said: each matryoshka is unique and a work of art in itself. Landmark, sculpture, work of art - you can call it whatever you like.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Uganda's First Action Movie, 'Who Killed Captain Alex?'

What does “Uganda first action movie from Ramon film productions” mean, exactly? There’s just no telling, because that shit couldn’t have been written by someone that speaks English. Or maybe it was and they were in mid-stroke as the sentence went on, which is a theory that makes complete sense when you read what comes after all that Yoda backwards talk:

Film eno ekwata ku kibanda amajje gwe gaagoba mu kibuga ne gamulumba ne mu kyalo jjeyali ye kukumye.yatabuka bwebawamba muganda we natuka no kulumba basi ya majje eyali egumbye emabega wa police station. A wo we wafiira ne Captain Alex.atamanyibwa ani yamutta.kya mu waliriza okuba ne helicopter ya police n'akuba ekibuga.

It could be another language. It could be the language they speak in Uganda (Ugandinese? Ugandish?). But there’s a good chance it’s a result of that thing we said earlier. The stroke thing.

We’re going to have to say that this might be one of our most anticipated movies of the year. There was Toy Story 3, which was wonderful. Then there was Inception, which was also wonderful. Scott Pilgrim looks pretty damn good so far, but, and we’re just being honest here, it doesn’t look nearly as good as this movie with its people shooting guns while swinging off a thing, a helicopter that can destroy skyscrapers while soaring at the speed of light times infinity speed, and worse-than-internet-porn production values.

Cosplay Fails - Part 2

These are probably the worst cosplay fails ever. I am sure these pictures will give you a laugh.

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