Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Transformer Owl

One owl, three versions...when I first saw this, I though whatevs, but the best bit is the '3rd version'. This owl naturally puffs itself up when pitted against other owls of the same size, but watch what happens when the owl is face to face with a bird twice its height...sheer brilliance. MotherNature at its best!

Happy Halloween!!

To celebrate Halloween this year, we went and found some of the best pumpkin carvings out there.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Daniel Munoz aka SAN

Amazing streetart from Spanish artist SAN...


Dropping a 1,169-Pound Pumpkin on a Car from 175 Feet Up

Utah’s largest pumpkin for the year, weighing in at 1,169 pounds, was dropped on an old Pontiac after being hefted up by a 175-foot crane:

The pumpkin was grown by Matt McConkie from Mountain Green and it is calculated that the descent of the giant pumpkin reached a top speed of 67.1mph for 3.1 seconds before meeting its end.

Slam Dunking NBA Girls

These NBA girls have several things going for them. For one they are all very beautiful. For another they are all very athletic. In addition, they look good while jumping.

The Deek Toy

Straight out of California-based artist Jeff Soto's childhood horrors, this axe-wielding 6.5-inch vinyl nightmare features burning red eyes and ice blue stars tattooed to his hands.

Known for his striking visual imagery, Jeff Soto's art is inspired by childhood toys, skateboarding and graffiti, and hip-hop and popular culture. His paintings are highly sought after and exhibited in cities thoughout the US and abroad.
Available to buy from HERE.

20 Gruesome Zombie Tattoos

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