Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bizarre Crab Man

“Meet a man with some serious crabs.”

Chicken Buses

A chicken bus is a colloquial English name for a colorful modified and decorated US school bus and transit bus that transports goods and people between communities in Honduras and Guatemala. The word "chicken" refers to the fact that rural Guatemalans regularly transport live animals on such buses, a practice that visitors from other countries often find remarkable. The buses are also commonly used in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, and Costa Rica.



El Salvador



Sunken Yacht Prank

I wouldn’t be pleased at all if that happened to my boat.. Look how it occurred after the break.

Actually, this was made on purpose, to play prank. But I guess, coast guards or any other rescue teams wouldn’t be delighted to find out that it’s only a joke.. I know I wouldn’t.

Pears in a Bottle

Ever see pears in a fancy wine bottle and ask yourself how they did it. How, indeed? Its quite simple, find a pear tree and all you need to do is put a bottle over the growing pear. The pear will grow inside of the bottle.

Once it's at full growth, break it off from the tree and keep it in the bottle.

Easter Tree

Strangely enough, such a thing as an Easter tree already exists, and it can be found in Germany. Around 1945, when he was just a young boy, Volker Kraft saw his very first Easter Tree (Eierbaum, Osterbaum or Ostereirbaum, in German), and decided he would have one of his very own, when he grew up. Time passed and young Volker became a married man, with a family and everything. But his childhood dream stuck with him and he decorated his first Easter Tree, in 1965. He used 18 colored plastic eggs.

But the tree was growing fast and he and his wife, Christa couldn’t afford to waste so many Easter eggs. So they began drilling holes into the eggs, using the contents in the kitchen, and the painted shells as decorations. When their children grew up, they started helping with the decorating,and the Easter Tree became a family tradition, known not only in their home town of Saalfeld, but all of Germany.

After their kids moved out of the house, it seemed the Easter Tree would finally catch a break, but grandsons arrived and the Krafts went back to decorating their giant tree. The number of Easter eggs hung by the tree’s branches grew every year,and in 2010 it reached an incredible 9,500 eggs.


Cooking Bacon with a Machine Gun

A simple but elegant solution to a common household problem: you have raw bacon, but you have no frying pan with which to cook it. You do, however, have a machine gun. All you have to do is wrap the bacon in tin foil, tie it around the barrel of your Rheinmetall MG 3, and fire off about 150 rounds (250 if you like it crispy). Step-by-step pictures after the jump.

Source: reddit

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