Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Human Snake

A human recreation of snakes. Visit to play a human version of breakout (bricks, arkanoid), watch the behind the scenes clip and learn more.

Johan Lorbeer’s Still Life Performance and its Secret

Johan Lorbeer is a German street performer. He became famous in the past few years because of his “Still-Life” Performances, which took place in the public area. His installations includes “Proletarian Mural” and “Tarzan”, which are famous in Germany. Several of these performances feature Lorbeer in an apparently impossible position.

With his still-life performances, this German artist seems to unhinge the laws of gravity. For hours on time, he remains, as a living work of art, in physically impossible positions. Elevated or reduced to the state of a sculpture, he interacts with the bewildered and irritated audience, whose appetite for communication rises as time goes by, often culminating in the wish to touch the artist in his superhuman, angelic appearance in order to participate in his abilities.

Is it magic or does Johan really have superhuman ability? Check out Johan’s little secret at the end of the page.

Secret of Johan Lorbeer Still-Life Performance Tarzan:
Here’s a little clue on the trick; His arm is the supporting bar, and his real arm is hide inside his cloth.

Johan Lorbeer Official Site

McBess 3D and 2D Talent

His illustrative work may seem to give off a slightly vintage whiff, but I think he puts just enough contemporary elements to make you feel like it's a completely new style.

His 3D animation is damn fine and looks 100% professional too making this one of my new fave all-rounded artists from the last couple years.

Apparently, he also has some music which will be released in a couple months and I'm really looking forward to that.

Visit his entertaining website HERE.

The video is definitely worth a watch. A 2 minute visual portfolio of his 3D work...stunning!

You can read an interview with him HERE.

Mike Rea Wooden Constructions

Mike Rea makes things out of wood. Pretty frikkin awesome things actually. From fish tanks, to space-age war tanks, to Mecha-suits for Stephen Hawking. This guy has a wild imagination and his design realisation skills are second to none.

The artist's statement:
"The intent of my work is to create something short of its outcome. My goal is to create the idea of an object that remains a dream. The objects I create are based on fictions, rather than realities. I have always been interested in the ephemeral worlds established in film, or even in popular culture.

Fictions or established hearsay allow for a flawed interpretation, which leads to a flawed result. The sublime is unattainable, and not an option."


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Banksy Art Show At Schoeni Gallery

ESPV's and UKAdapta's super good friend Nicole Schoeni of the famous Schoeni Gallery is helping to host the Banksy show in HKG with a few extra days to view the art at her gallery.

The Banksy exhibition will be a continuation of the Love Art show, which took place at the Hong Kong Arts Centre from 23-28 April, highlighting Banksy's rare and previously unseen in Hong Kong originals. The showing at Schoeni Art Gallery will then be enhanced by additional unique examples of his work, such as his famous policemen with iconic smiley faces of the acid house music, rats with drills, monkeys carrying written messages and weapons of mass destruction.

All artworks exhibited at the Banksy exhibition are secondary market originals and prints.

Vernissage: 6:30pm - 8:30pm, 29 April 2008 (Thats tonight, so get on down there!)
Exhibition: 30 April - 13 May 2008
Venue: Main Gallery 21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong

For more info, visit the Schoeni Gallery's website HERE.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles

Super Mario theme recreated by driving an RC car at perfectly placed line of glass bottles. Pretty damn cool.

Celebrities Childhood Pictures

A lot of pictures of celebrities when they were young, before they were famous.

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