Thursday, February 3, 2011

Biteproof Zine Issue 3 Now Out

I'm a big big fan of this zine as editor/curator 5sicks83 always selects incredible artists and knows how to create a truly collectible publication...

Biteproof issue 3 “AMERICAN LIES, AMERICAN PIES, AND AN INDIGENOUS DOSE OF AMERICAN HIGHS” is now here, A5 in size and printed lithographically in full colour, ready and waiting for your aesthetically advanced eyes.

The whole cover features a blissfully sombre and typically awesome typographic design by the marvel that is I-Lib. Beneath said cover lies 46 pages by 23 much loved artists from around the U.K and lands afar around the world. As per usual the majority of the elusive and exclusive contents are specifically created to represent the title however the artist sees fit.

These artists in order of appearance are Dee Dee Kid, Brave One, Gee Hale, Wen, Sepr, Dan Baldwin, Sinister Dog, Joey Dee, Luke Drozd, The 5683, Hammo, Joao Lauro Fonte, I-Lib, Netoplasma, Mr Zero, Candy Lo, Centina, Zach Cohen, Elfin, Jack Douglas, Two Ducks Disco, Herky, and Jenism.

Biteproof issue 3 is also giving you an electrifying A3, 3 colour risograph print by the unstoppable art machine that is Luke Drozd. Created to involve the word biteproof this print will make you think the acid free munken white paper it’s printed on has had the acid put back into it.

So exercise that mouse and visit to check out all the artists involved in this issue and prior issues.

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